2. Access
3. Searching
4. Fonts
5. Library Administrators
6. Accessibility


Brill Online Dictionaries was launched summer 2014. It includes the etymological dictionaries that were published at since 2012. A complete overview of Brill's online resources is available at

2. Access

Through your institution

The content on this platform is not freely accessible. Visitors may have access to this platform via a library subscription or purchase of their research institution. In most cases an institutional logo will then be shown on each page. Green rectangles before titles indicate full text access, white rectangles indicate no access, in which searching is possible, but the lemma text is not shown.
Supported access options are IP-recognition, username/password combination and – for specific institutions – Athens login or login via your home institution.

Buy access

It is possible to purchase short term access to the whole platform. Click on the green 'Purchase Access' button or click on the shopping cart on the right top of each page. You may purchase access for 1, 7 or 30 days. Brill has chosen Paypal to handle transactions. This can be done using a Paypal account or by credit card. Access is given on entering a username and password and is strictly personal. After completing a purchase you will receive an e-mail with your access details from Brill directly. The transaction details will be mailed to you by Paypal. Please note that purchases are non-refundable. See Brill's terms and conditions for more information.

3. Searching

Default search options comprise lemma search and full-text search. These are available through two separate entry boxes in the left column of the search screen. Word wheel functionality becomes available in lemma search after entering two characters. A list of words starting with the entered characters will appear.
Both search options have the possibility to select diacritics from predefined sets. These sets are defined per dictionary.

A lemma search will result in the selected lemma as part of the complete lemma list of the selected dictionary / dictionaries. You can scroll through the list to select other lemma’s. After selecting a lemma from the list, its text is displayed in the middle part of the screen.

Results of a full text search consist of a listing of lemma’s that match your query. Again you can scroll and select through this listing.

4. Fonts and special characters

Many of the texts included in Brill Online include special characters, such as accented letters and non Roman writing systems. To ensure a correct display of these character the Brill typeface is “pushed” together with the webpages. With over 5,100 characters covering Latin, IPA, Greek and Cyrillic, this typeface is especially suitable for use in the humanities. For more information see

For specific dictionaries other fonts might need to be installed on your computer. If this is the case further information is available with the specific dictionary.

5. Library Administrators

To manage your account details, go to Brill Subscriber Services []. Login with your administrator username and password. (Contact for more information). Brill Subscriber Services enables you to:

  • Manage your subscriptions
  • Manage access details
  • OpenURL preferences
  • Maintain Shibboleth and Athens data
  • Upload an institutional logo
  • Create and download usage reports. Brill Online Dictionaries is COUNTER compliant and offers COUNTER statistics.

6. Accessibility

The following guidelines were used wherever possible:

  • WCAG:
  • Equality & Human Rights Commission Website accessibility guidance (PAS78):
  • Principles of graceful degradation will be applied where user experience can be improved with non-compliant techniques. This will ensure that accessible alternatives are available for all core functionality.

The following technical standards are employed:

  • XHTML: Extensible HyperText Markup Language
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Microformats